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We specialize in racing transmissions for repairs, rebuilds or sales of racing transmissions. At Performance Transmissions, we not only distribute many of the necessary racing transmission related auto parts, but we also know how to rebuild a transmission so that your car can beat all of the competition. With every racing opportunity from Hot Rod to Racetrack to Strip or Street, enthusiasts can count on our knowledge, as we are racers too.

What Performance Transmissions Has to Offer

On this page there are some offers on our top automatic transmissions as specials to our transmission clientele. We want to make sure that you can get the transmission service you want with the quality and price you have come to expect from us.

This Month's Special

THM 350 Street/Strip


  • Transgo- 2 Kit
  • Will Shift Manually or automatic
  • Will hold gear as long as selected
  • Retains OEM Shift Pattern
  • H.D. Intermediate Sprag race
  • Modified pump
  • New bushings
Other Options:
  • Trans Brake
  • Deep Aluminum pan
  • 36 Element sprag and drum

Another Special
  • Powerglide Freshen Up
  • $450.00 plus parts
  • Includes Gasket and seal kit and all labor
  • (Band, Clutches, Pump,drum, Additional Charge)
Racing Car

We can order, repair and install many different automatic transmissions, standard transmissions, transmission converters and all parts related to cover all of your needs.


You might consider:
  • Powerglide Transmissions
  • Street and Racing Performance Transmissions
  • Turbo Hydromatics (TH350 & TH400) Transmissions
  • Inquire with us about others.............

If you have a particular transmission brand in mind, we are a distributor for many and use the best racing auto parts vendors because we want to remain at the top of the best Texas transmissions service shops in the area. Our experience is vast, and we will make sure you know what you need to know about our transmission service right from the start. You will be explained the different transmission components your car will need, and we will make sure you understand the costs up front. You do not have to worry about surprises like other transmission shops, and we will make sure we do everything right the first time.


The Difference a Performance Transmission Makes

Just imagine sitting behind the wheel, waiting for the green light, listening to the revving of your engine and preparing to hit the gas. If you have the right automatic transmission, you know that your car is going to take off and you are going to blow away your competition, but if you don't, you have that worry about whether or not you will get the horsepower needed to get that edge right off the block.

You need to make sure you have the right type of transmission or the right transmission converter to hit that maximum load of horsepower and top overdrive speed right out of the gate.

 This is precisely why we only use the best racing auto parts in the cars serviced at Performance Transmissions. We know how important each individual racing transmission component is when it comes to the success of your vehicle, and will not settle for anything less than the best.


Racing Car


Guaranteed Specialization in Top-End Transmissions

Performance Transmissions may not be one of the biggest transmission shops around, but we have the experience that even some of the biggest names actually cannot offer.


If you are looking for people who know how to replace or rebuild a custom racing transmission to get you the best possible racing performance out of your vehicle, no matter what the racing conditions are, then you have found the right transmission shop for your needs.


Never second guess whose hands you leave your vehicle in; know that your vehicle is being treated with the same kid-gloves you use when you're at home, by leaving your vehicle with people who have built their entire lives around bringing the best out of every vehicle they service.

Performance Transmissions carries and installs quality parts in their Racing Transmissions.

Coolers and Overhaul Kits & Transmissions Builds

Powerglide Transmissions

The ultimate transmission choice for high performance drag racing, mud racing, monster trucks, and off road racing.

Turbo Hydromatics - TH350 - TH400

Three speed transmissions are versatile choices for both racers and street drivers.

Street Performance Transmissions

Using experience from racing applications, we can provide high quality and performance multi-speed, lock up, and overdrive transmissions and component parts.

Transmission Rebuild Kits

Rebuild kits have all of the required performance components for a rebuild service.

Transmission Components

All of the parts and kits you need to build and service your transmission.

Drag Race Transmissions

  • Triple Tested so you can be confident you're getting a ready to perform transmission that is superior in both form and function.
  • Superior in both form and function.
  • Stock parts replaced with high performance bands and components where applicable
  • Fluid flow is increased
  • Lubrication system and thrust capacity are improved
  • Problematic hard parts are replaced with stronger components
  • Valve bodies are completely remanufactured and 100% tested prior to installation

Circle Track Transmissions

  • Proven weight and cost savings
  • Improved performance over standard 4-speed circle track transmissions
  • Clutch does NOT require adjustment before each event
  • Aftermarket full race clutches and performance bands
  • Steel clutch hub and heavy-duty sprags where applicable for increased durability and strength
  • Modified output shafts (Powerglides) for the latest rear suspensions and steel hubs
  • Fully manual valve body for consistent shifts
  • 500 horsepower on most models and up to 650 hp on others

We are also a distributor for J.W. Transmission Parts.

Read JW Transmission Care FAQ's
Race torque converters
designed for most applications under 565 cubic inches.

These units feature:

  • Opel style all new core
  • Furnace brazed fins
  • 4140 Steel investment cast stators
  • 1 piece 8620 investment cast converter front
  • Precision hub
  • Screw on pilot
  • Borg-Warner Multi-element sprag or spragless configurations
  • One year warranty on sprag and stator assembly
Available for Powerglide, TH350, TH400, C4, C6, and Chrysler transmissions

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