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Companies and truck-owners alike need a shop that specializes in diesel truck transmissions when something is not working the way it is supposed to. This is not a job for just any place because of the specialized training, experience, and tools required to do the job right. If you are in need of a diesel truck transmission, then you need to turn to the experienced professionals here at Performance Transmissions. Our over 30 years of experience allows us to provide top quality service at an affordable cost, with the guarantee that we will perform your diesel truck transmission repairs right the first time around.

Heavy Duty Truck Transmissions for Diesel Engines

Performance Transmissions specializes in fixing diesel truck transmissions because we know how important each of these are to the performance of your diesel truck. We fully understand how important it is that your diesel truck work right. After all, if your truck doesn't work, you might not get to work! We take on each diesel truck using the skills and experience we have learned over the years to ensure we can do your transmission repairs as quickly as possible, minimizing your down-time. Most other Fort Worth, Texas transmission shops do not have the trained and dedicated transmission technicians needed to safely perform heavy duty diesel truck transmission repairs, so do not trust your work or your safety to someone that is not well-qualified. Trust us at Performance Transmissions to do the job right and keep you on the road.

Tired of OEM Replacement Transmissions?

The legendary Cummins motor powers Dodge trucks, but comes equipped with a less than stellar OEM transmission. You need a transmission that will handle the abuse the Cummins motor can dish out. We also service, rebuild, install and repair Ford Powerstroke diesel trucks and GM's Allison Transmissions powered by Duramax Diesel engines.

If you're tired of OEM replacement transmissions, today's after-market transmission packages have the quality and engineering to meet your needs from towing to racing. With industry-leading technology and new manufacturing techniques, you can find (virtually anywhere) after-market transmissions perfectly matched to your OEM diesel engines of your Dodge Cummins Truck, Ford Powerstroke or Allison equipped GMs.

Don't ask the other guys, ask the experts here at Performance Transmissions convenient to Dallas, Fort Worth in the great state of Texas who have been your After Market Specialists for diesel transmissions for more than 30 years. Because . . . power must go to the ground. The diesel owner knows that means something when they find their trucks in stock form too powerful, due to their high horsepower applications with transmissions that don't stand up to every day commutes or pulling heavy loads. Those customers come to us in droves, as they realize that the reliable parts for the best diesel performance should take power loads and transmit it to the rear wheels [hence, to the ground] but are failing to do so, tearing up transmissions left and right.

With Performance Transmissions, you can choose from smooth, quick, crisp shifts for on the streets, or when attached to a heavy load, or for hardcore power builds shifting hard and fast, sacrificing little time and leaving nothing behind.

With the right . . .

  • converters
  • modified bulletproof clutch packs
  • higher torque capacity in each gear
  • billet shafts
  • billet flex plates
  • dual or triple disc clutches
  • exceptional friction discs
  • single or dual mass flywheels
  • precisely engineered application specific valve & accumulator bodies
  • torque converter controllers
  • and the absolute best transmissions with longevity and reliability, as well as transmission technologists,

. . . whether you're doing daily towing across the country or drag racing-making 9 second passes at the drag strip-or even tractor pulling on family fun weekends, we've got the Texas transmission marketplace covered for heavy duty diesel truck transmissions. Bring your own or let us suggest a performance diesel application or transmission overhaul kit; the choice is up to you, but we can help meet your diesel engine transmission needs for power and efficiency in off-road, towing, recreation or racing at very reasonable costs.

The Reputation of Performance Transmission

We at Performance Transmissions take great pride in our skills and expertise when it comes to repairing heavy duty transmissions. We know that thanks to the work we put in, more people are able to do their jobs every single day. From company fleets to personal heavy duty trucks transmissions: if you're in need, come in to see us because you will be back on the road as quickly as possible with safety and affordability in tow. Every truck and diesel transmission repair made at Performance Transmissions is followed up by a test of the vehicle before you take it out on the road, to ensure we did the job right the first time around.

Heavy Duty Options:

  • Extra Deep Aluminum Pans
  • Valve Body Kits
  • Billet Servos
  • Dual Ring Billet Accumulators (Dodge)
  • Billet Components (Drums, outputs, etc.)
  • Custom Built High Performance and Heavy Duty
  • Specialists for Gas and Diesel
  • We Buy Powerglide Cores

What Makes Performance Transmissions Different?

When you bring your heavy duty transmission repairs to Performance Transmissions, we will take the time to go over what is obviously wrong, but also look at anything else that you have working with your transmission that might not be specific to your application and HP needs. The last thing we want to do is perform your diesel truck transmission repair or replacement and then have you back in our transmission shop later that same day for something we could have prevented ahead of time. That is too much of a risk to our customers and the important jobs they do. We inspect your diesel truck transmissions and make sure you are aware of everything that is wrong before we proceed with the repairs. Those repairs are then followed up with testing to make sure your heavy duty truck transmission has the proper torque for the job you need your vehicle to do. You can trust in the experience and skills that come along with putting your vehicle in our capable hands, and know that your diesel truck transmissions will be working better after the repairs than they have in a very long time.


The smart choice is the smart transmission: an Allison Automatic transmission.

Advanced electronic controls enable constant communication and feedback between engine and transmission, resulting in more precise, more efficient, faster, smoother, fully automatic shifts. With technology to match its legendary durability, the Allison Automatic is the perfect match for the 6.6-liter Duramax Diesel engine.

The following descriptions will help you better understand and appreciate the special features and benefits of an Allison Automatic transmission.


  • Range Selection Mode
  • Grade Braking
  • Cruise Grade Braking
  • Shift Stabilization
  • Tow/Haul Mode
  • Low Traction Mode
  • Heater Performance Mode
  • Adaptive Shift Controls

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